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TEN things that makes me happy.

Joriel Capistrano.                                                            Mrs. Disonglo

IV- Courage

1.Family - because of them i grew up kind and honest.

2.Friends - because of them i learned how to make friends with others.

3.Dance - because here, i released my emotions that i want to show, and dancing is my life.

4.Cellphone - because of this i am able to communicate with the one that i love.

5.Computer - because of this,i’m not bored at home.

6.Motorcyle - with this i could go anywhere I want.

7.House - with this i have shelter when it rains.

8.Clothes - because it protects my body in the dirt.

9.Shoes - because it helps me when i am dancing.

10.Books - because with these i learned things that i do not know yet.